My Road Map for IHG’s The Big Win

Late last month, IHG (Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza) came out with a promotion called The Big Win. The miles/points community was a buzz. The reason for the buzz was that it was first real promotion that 1) had a large bonus and 2) required multiple steps to get the bonus.

The Big Win promotion is different from everyone. Some people have a maximum bonus of 50,000 points, while others have bonus upwards of 150,000 points. My bonus is 107,700.

The promotion runs from September 1 until the end of 2013. Four full months is a long-time to accomplish this promotion, but it will take a concerted effort. Anytime a promotion like this appears, I always create a plan of attack on how to accomplish the promotion.

The first step of this plan is to look at each all the components of the promotion:

Book 1 Night = 1,000 Points

Stay 5 Times = 6,700 Points

Book 2 Separate Stays Through IHG Website – 2,400 Points


Stay at 3 Different Brands = 22,000 Points

Stay at 2 locations in Big Cities = 12,000 Points

Take a Survey – 100 Points

Stay twice on Saturday Nights = 8,000 Points

Use the IHG Credit Card 1 Stay = 1,500 Points

Only if I accomplish all these will I earn an additional 54,000 points

To summarize, the information above. I need to do the following:
                              – Stay 5 Times
                              – 2 Saturday Stays
                              – Stays at 3 Different Brands
                              – Stay in 2 Cities
                              – Book through IHG website twice
                              – Use my Priority Club credit card to pay for 1 stay                   

The second step is to look at your planned travel schedule throughout the promotion. For me, I have the following travel scheduled:

          – Saturday Night in Hampton, VA for a wedding

          – Weekend Trip to Chicago for college football

          – Week-long Vacation to Buenos Aires

The next step is to match the planned trips to the required components:

           – My trip to Hampton with accomplish the following:
                           – 1 stay
                           – Stay at 1 brand
                           – 1 Saturday night stay
                           – Book through IHG site
                           – Pay with Priority Club Visa

           -Weekend trip to Chicago
                            – 1 stay
                            – Stay at 1 brand
                            – 1 city stay
                            – 1 Saturday night stay
                            – Book through IHG site
                            – Pay with Priority Club Visa

           – Buenos Aires Trip (booked at Intercontinental)
                            – 1 stay
                            – Stay at 1 brand        
                            – Book through IHG site

My three planned trips knocks out many of the requirements for this promotion. All that’s left is the following:

                          – 2 more stays
                          – 1 Washington, DC Stay (city requirements)
                          – Take their survey

The last two stays will have to be mattress runs by Dulles airport. After that, I will be 107,000+ miles richer.

One first glance, The Big Win promotion looks daunting. Breaking down promotions into workable plans makes any promotion more manageable.

At the beginning of a promotion, a little bit of planning can result in big payoffs!
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