4 Ways To Maximize Chase Sapphire 3X First Friday’s Promotion

4 Ways To Maximize Chase Sapphire 3X First Friday’s Promotion

On the first Friday of each month in 2013, Chase Sapphire cardholders can earn an extra point per $1 spent at restaurants for a total of 3 points per $1.

This can be a lucrative offer if you play your cards correctly. Last month, I earn 700 bonus points from this promotion.

I strategically held a luncheon for some realtors on the first Friday, so I could bank extra miles. However, it got me thinking, what other things can we do to maximize this promotion?

1) Eat Out

– The obvious answer is to plan to eat out on the first Friday of the month. Schedule a client lunch
for this day (like I did). Take the family out to dinner. Pick up leftovers for the weekend.

2) Purchase Gift Cards

– Go to a specific restaurant or restaurants frequently. Why not purchase gift certificates to
those restaurants on the first Friday? The rest of the month, you will be earning 3x per $1
on your dining out. Look back at your previous bank/credit card statement and see where
you ate last month. My guess is there will be a trend.

– Purchase Restaurant GCs to restaurants for gifts. You always need gifts for colleagues, friends,
teachers. Why not buy them restaurant gift cards on the first Friday of the month?

3) Pick-Up Lunch for the Office

– No, I am not suggesting paying for everyone’s lunch in the office. However, that’s one way of
        earning massive points + win some friends. Everywhere I have worked, Friday seems like
the day people order out for lunch, as a group. Why not be the person that picks up lunch and
pays the bill? Coworkers can give you cash to pay for their meal.  One way to guarantee your
the one that picks/pays for lunch is to bring small bills to make change.

4) Prepay for upcoming events

– Hosting a brunch/luncheon/dinner at restaurant, ask them to charge your deposits on the first
Friday. Even better, pay for the event ahead of schedule. Very few restaurants will turn you
away from pay for your event ahead of time. It guarantees them payment ahead of an event.

Are you using Chase Sapphire’s First Fridays?

Are there other ways that you use this promotion that I failed to mention?

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