Reader’s Craziest Things They Have Done for Points

For the blog’s anniversary giveaway, one of the ways to earn an entry was to leave a comment about the “craziest thing you have ever did in the name of points/miles.” I received many great comments and I thought it would be fun to share a few of them.

   Cameron:             “After hearing comments by my family and friends, I have to say the dollar  
                                coins are still my craziest mileage earning scheme.”

   James:                   “I would say the begging for MCR(Coke Reward) caps. Not a high point.

   Standing_Baba:     “Drove to five gas stations, back to back, for Vanilla Reloads.”

   Manda:                  “Not exactly for points, but in order to get my interest on my checking 
                                 accounts each month I normally make an extensive trip to Kroger/gas 
                                 station where I buy either 5 to 10 bananas or about a quarter of gas
                                 one at a time. I go through the self check out at the grocery but I always
                                 get pitying looks.”

    Uri:                      “I sent two greeting cards from a non-existing address”

My favorite has to be from Tasha: 

     “Club Carlson Big Night Give Away last year. Drove to Houston to stay at a Park In. 
      On the way my car got hit by a mattress so the 500 dollar deductible I had to pay really 
      ate up any benefit!”

She went on a matress run and her car got hit by a mattress! Oh, karma. Tasha, I am so sorry that happened to you, I hope you can look back and chuckle about it now.

We need to celebrate these antics, because it makes the hunt for points/miles even funnier. I always say “if you are going to do something, do it for the story.” I wrote here about the five craziest things I have done for points.

Expect more crazy antics from Do It For The Points in our second year. 

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