Update: Earn Up To 16 Rapid Reward Miles Per $1 Spent @ Marriott

Update: Earn Up To 16 Rapid Reward Miles Per $1 Spent @ Marriott

I wrote here about how to earn 16 Rapid Reward Miles Per $1 spent at Marriott. I wanted to follow-up with my experience. Even though I did the United promotion (expired), it is very similar to the Southwest promotion.

As a reminder, you can earn Rapid Reward miles for buying Marriott gift cards.

  •       $100 = 1,200 Rapid Rewards Miles
  •       $250 = 3,000 Rapid Rewards Miles
  •       $500 = 6,000 Rapid Rewards Miles
I ordered my gift card on August 8th and the points still have not posted.
My next recommendation was to purchase the gift cards with the Chase Sapphire card to earn 2x per $1. As expected, I earned the 2x Ultimate Rewards points per $1 on my next statement.
When its time to book your Marriott hotel stays, go through the Ultimate Reward shopping portal to earn 2 additional points per $1.
I am happy to say I earned my points this way as well. I book the stay on July 30th, stayed on August 24th and the points were credit to my Ultimate Reward account on September 8th.

My final suggestion was to switch your Marriott accounts to earn MileagePlus/Rapid Reward miles; instead, of Marriott points. I never did this, because I learned that by doing so I might not be eligible for the Unexpected Bonus’s free night. Therefore, I left those points on the table. However, I did earn a free night.

If you haven’t participated, this is a great way to quadruple dip: earn points for buying the gift card, using your Chase Sapphire, booking the stay, and staying with Marriott. These type of promotions are rare.

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